Thailand’s Ambitious Initiative To Improve English Proficiency

If parents were given the choice, they will certainly enrol their children at International School in Bangkok for higher quality of education. Enrolling children at international schools is not a matter of status but to provide the child with an opportunity to explore their passion, ambition and interest. Besides that, with the number of expats in Thailand, they definitely need an international school where English is used as the medium of instruction.

In order to enhance English literacy among Thai children, the government of Thailand has planned an ambitious initiative to place foreign teachers in rural schools. Students in rural schools face a number of challenges aside from foreign language proficiency that restricts equality of opportunities. The project will be implemented during the 2019 academic year.

There is a certainly a dearth for better English skills in Thailand. This is the reason why during a meeting held in the middle of March, the Thai Ministry of Education expressed its intentions to work with Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) organizations as well as international schools for the recruitment of recent graduate teachers.

English is a very important language globally. Proficiency in the English language can open opportunities to students coming from depressed socio-economic backgrounds. National English standards in Thailand are shockingly low. English is a common language used in business. Most job interviews are conducted in English. Poor English skills lessen the chances of being able to land a job. On the other hand, proficiency in English tends to create a good impression.

According to the annual reports of English First, a Swiss-based education company and Thailand’s very own national assessment, O-net, the English language ability of Thais has severely stagnated compared to the ability of students from neighbouring Asian countries. In Vietnam, English language ability has dramatically improved.

Parents have a lot of options on the schools where they can enrol their children. There is an International School in Bangkok as well as government –run schools that ensure good quality education. However, in the international school children are exposed to diverse cultures at a very age. They learn that that there is a world outside their schools and homes.