Thailand’s Drinking And Night Entertainment Culture

The experts in the drinks and night entertainment businesses share their views regarding what holds for the night owls in Bangkok this year.

Modern and trendy drinks

In terms of night life, the city of Bangkok in Thailand looks to have everything – the popular DJs, celebrity mixologists, themed parties and new bars. And, 2017 promises to be more exciting for the night owls due to larger craft beer selections, better cocktails, broader types of parties and more new bars.

Diageo Moet Hennessy’s senior brand ambassador Chennarong Bhumichitr is eager with the year ahead. He said that the latest trends which started abroad seem to find their way in the drinking scene of Thailand.

According to Chennarong, low alcohol content volume (ACV) cocktails are going to become that next huge thing for drinkers especially women since they are starting to be health-conscious.

Gin, as predicted by Chennarong, is going to continue as the “in” spirit, meanwhile whiskies are going to like resurge.

Changing consumer behaviours

Regarding consumer behaviour, Chennarong commented that aside from freshness and healthier options, the patrons look for visual appeal, too.

For him, many people drink today in order to appreciate a taste than get drunk, so the beverage companies are considering the healthier lifestyles of consumers when making new products. Additionally, social media, for him, is influencing the looks of these drinks and restaurants are taking the presentations seriously, including bars and beverage companies. Since people already take pictures of food and drinks, the bar operators capitalize on this trend by ensuring that drinks are fashionable.

Ronnaporn “Nueng” Kanvichaporn, the Diageo Reserve World Class Thailand Finals 2014 winner and also the co-owner of the Backstage Cocktail Bar, added that the drinkers now are very informed regarding cocktail culture and already developed their tastes.

He said that several years ago, bartenders were able to lead the trend and introduce the latest mixes to their consumers, but now they know the styles they want and go to bars to order what is on their minds.


The drinking and the night life culture in Thailand is definitely changing. And with the numerous locations to drink and have fun, such as a hotel near BTS Chong Nonsi, the consumers’ options are endless.