Thailand’s Spending Expected To Be Big, Except Flowers Are Losing Out

The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce’s Economic and Business Forecasting Center has recently just a paper which showed the expectations of the country’s spending for the holiday season covering Valentine’s and Chinese New Year. However, it’s seems that Thailand flowers supplier won’t be enjoying the profit, as it seems that, despite the good forecast, flower sales are expected to go down.

The Economic and Business Forecasting Center predicted, thanks to one of their recent surveys, that spending for the Chinese New Year festival, which will coincide with Valentine’s on Feb 14-16, will go up. Expectations for the spending are sitting at an approximate of Bt60B, with the EBFC having a more specific prediction of Bt56.86B, which would be a marked increase of 3.5% from 2017.

The problem for Thailand flowers supplier, is that most of the spending will be going to religious offerings, clothing, travel and Ang Pao cash gifts, with sales of Valentine’s Day roses predicted to go down compared to the prior year. Not only are sales dropping compared to 2017, prices are also going up, due to recent weather causing the plants to produce far less flowers.

Vendors across the Muang district’s Sirikorn flower market say that there have been far less interest in ordering Valentine’s roses for the holidays. According to vendors and other people in the industry say that it was due to younger Thai people preferring to send digital flowers.

One Thailand flowers supplier, owner of the Doi Florist Shop says that roses had their supplies go down due to the weather conditions that have hit the country, which were less than ideal for roses, which led to a lower bloom.

As a result, the pricing of roses have risen sharply, with a bouquet of small roses, sold for 200-300 baht in 2017, going up by 100 baht.

Another florist, Kaplaew Donnate says that the young population war traditionally the primary target for florists, but there has been a shift, which reduced interest in fresh roses, with focus on buying gifts and sending digital gifts.

She reiterated that the increase in rose pricing was due to the low supply brought in by bad weather, with grade A roses costing 40 baht a piece.