The Effects Of Noise To Students, Employees And Patients

Traffic noise in the city is a problem that gets worse every year. It is no longer surprising why many homeowners are looking for solutions on how to reduce traffic noise in your house that can have a serious impact on health. There are innovative solutions that have been introduced over the years to dramatically reduce or if not mute noise from outdoors.

A healthy room is very important for residential and commercial spaces. In most commercial offices, the health factor is often overlooked because they are not at the forefront of today’s environmental concerns. Noise reduction is equally important as air quality for physical and emotional reasons.

Constant exposure to chronic noise whether the source is construction equipment or the moderate sounds emitted by office equipment can have an impact on health. Physical reactions range from tinnitus to high blood pressure and mental effects that can lower employee productivity and cognitive issues.

Hospitals and educational institutions recognize the effects of noise pollution and have taken steps to reduce decibel levels to improve patient and student outcomes. In hospitals, rest is very important for patient’s recovery. According to studies, 4 out 10 patients usually experience disrupted sleep because of the noise generated by general activities and hospital equipment.

Lower cognitive abilities have been noticed among students that are studying in schools located in noisy environments with regular internal noise generated. Noise can negatively affect reading comprehension and concentration.

The contemporary office plan has a negative effect when it comes to the generation of noise. Employees can be interrupted by the conversations of fellow workers and the sounds of office equipment. Employees cannot hold private conversations because of the sounds. Results from an Oxford study reveals that more than 50% of productivity and job satisfaction levels go down due to noise pollution.

Innovative solutions work aesthetically and functionally to solve the issue on how to reduce traffic noise in your house depending on your design considerations. For example, windows can be soundproofed or acoustic absorptive ceiling panels can be used to look trendy or inconspicuous. The panels that can absorb noise are suitable for both residential and business spaces.