Things To Do In A Hotel Near Esplanade Mall

Whether you are in Bangkok for business or pleasure, it is important that you stay in a hotel near Esplanade Mall where you can do both and even more. Bangkok, Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations in Southeast Asia and with all its business and commercial establishments, you will never get bored while in the city. Here are some of the things that you can do while in Bangkok.

Enjoy the hotel amenities

One way to ensure that you will have a marvellous time in Bangkok is to pick the right hotel. This way, if you are not in the mood for shopping or going out, you will still have a good time at your hotel. You can find a hotel near Esplanade Mall with saltwater swimming pool, upscale fitness centre and international restaurant where you can have a feast anytime, any day. You can also socialize by having a wine or your favourite beverage at their lobby bar. Another option is to work or surf the internet while lounging at the bar or by pool with the hotel’s fast and free internet access.


There are just so many things you can do at the hotel but if you want to experience the city, you might as well take a stroll outside and take in the sights and sounds of Bangkok. Try their local street foods which are famous for being exotic. Another option is to check the nearest natural parks or ancient temples that you can reach by train or by local transportation. Check from the local map or ask some information from the hotel’s front desk on how you can get to the nearest parks or tourist spots in the area.

Shop around

When you book at a hotel near Esplanade Mall, you can easily get to big shopping malls in the area such as the Fortune IT Mall, Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 and many others. Some huge malls in the area are a few minutes ride from the hotels or you can also take a few minute walk to get to the night market and local shopping stalls in the area.