What It Is Like Aboard South America’s Luxury Train

Many South America Tours now include the most luxurious sleeper train that can be found in the continent, the Belmond Andean Explorer. With the help of the train, passengers will be able to reach heights as high as 14,253 feet located at La Raya which is somewhere in the middle of Puno and Cusco. Guests are sure to be well fed during the entire journey from water, food and wine. One will be able to witness many wonders such as the Arequipa known as the city with three volcanoes acting as guards and the Cusco which is known as Inca Empire’s capital before.

The tour will leave you in awe because of the mesmerizing landscape Peru has to offer. While it is no secret that a number of guests experienced altitude sickness during the experience, there is a doctor on duty on-board the train. For first time visitors in Peru, they did not hide the fact that the place captured their hearts.

The major player when it comes to the tourism in the country is Belmond or previously called Orient Express Hotels. It has been operational since 1999. It was the same year when James Sherwood, the founder of the company and also the brain behind Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, was asked to be one of the investors. The same company is responsible for the Sanctuary Lodge found in Machu Picchu as well as the luxury day train, Hiram Bingham, which is operating there. Currently, Belmond has around six hotels. The latest of their investments went to a plan to reacquire a hotel that used to be under the company in the 90s.

The carriages of the train were painted ivory and midnight blue. Guests will be able to have their first glimpse as it waits at the Tambo Canahuas station. The train starts running at a speed of 20 miles per hour but it sometimes goes slower than that due to the bends in the road. Guests that are part of the South America Tours will be able to take beautiful pictures through the observation car provided.