Why Not Stay In A Nightlife Hotel In Sukhumvit To Enjoy Bangkok

Every year, millions of travellers are welcomed by Bangkok’s nightlife with open arms. Here you can enjoy a fascinating mix of pubs, jazz clubs, dance clubs and the infamous sex districts. It has drawn countless hardcore party addicts from all around the world. So if you wish to spend a wonderful night, why not stay at a nightlife hotel in Sukhumvit which is accessible to exciting yet intriguing areas.

When you are out to enjoy Bangkok’s nightlife, it is best to stay in a hotel near Patpong or Sukhumvit to easily travel around the tourist areas. You can easily transport yourself to any place you want to go through the BTS Sky Train. Especially that you get to experience horrendous Bangkok traffic at this time of night, traveling by train is the most convenient option.

Many travelers have already heard about Patpong, which is popular for seedy sex shows and equally seedy touts which try to lure tourists. It isalso where go-go bars are lined up even with more touts promoting inexpensive booze and sex. Lucifer is a famous dance club in Patpong, where you get to see dens of flesh. You can also drop by English pubs with its refreshing micro brewed beer and traditional English cuisine such as Bangers & Mash and Shepherd’s Pie. You can also enjoy a mix of rock and jazz in live bands where you can drown yourself with beer.

You can also spend your nightlife in Sukhumvit. In this area, you see many luxurious clubs to small beer bars that are jam-packed every night. Sukhumvit also operates with two read light districts known as Soi Cowboy and Nana. These are areas popular among male tourists who enjoy visiting go-go bars and spend exciting nights with Thai prostitutes.

Bangkok nightlife activity may be a must for travellers who enjoy the night time. You can spend your nights staying in nightlife hotel in Sukhumvit and get to experience what it is like in Bangkok. You may want to stay in Dawin Bangkok Hotel, Majestic Grande or at Ambassador Hotel. The BTS Sky Train is just a walking distance and can take you places within Bangkok.