Will Legislation Block People’s Access To Online Prescriptions?

It makes sense to consult with an optometrist in Loftus if you have eye problems and vision concerns. In order to address any issues you have with the eyes, the optometrist will undertake testing, assessment and diagnosis before a vision correction is advised. Vision correction devices may include eyeglasses, contact lens or laser surgery, if necessary.

Chandra Burnett is a 23 year old student of Morehead State University. She is a long term user of contact lens. Every year, she has to see the eye doctor to have her eye prescription renewed as required by Kentucky laws. She pays the eye doctor about $90 per visit. Since Chandra’s prescription has not changed in 3 years, she wants her prescription to be renewed online. She also buys her contact lens from online vendors.

Getting the prescription renewed online will only cost Chandra $20. Online renewal of prescriptions is relatively new but it is gradually gaining popularity because the renewal is provided by a licensed eye doctor. However, Kentucky optometrists are opposed to the idea and they want to stop the practice of online prescription renewal to protect patients.

According to Dr. Ben Gaddie, an optometrist from Louisville and representative of Kentucky Optometrist Association, House Bill 191 is actually a consumer protection act. However, medical doctors who treat eye conditions believe that the bill is meant to protect optometrists and their income, not the consumers. Dr. Carl Baker, president of Kentucky Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons feels that it is a bad act and limits access to patient care.

Today’s millennial generation prefer to do things remotely. At present, people wearing prescription glasses or contact lens from an eye doctor can simply go online to a doctor’s website operating in Kentucky for the renewal of the prescription. The consumer submits relevant information and takes an online vision test so that a licensed optometrist can issue a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lens when necessary.

If you want an independent eye examination, your best option is optometrist in Loftus that will customize the examination according to your eye’s needs. Powerful diagnostic equipment and the experience of the licensed optometrist will diagnose and manage your eye condition.